Apple Music ads hit the right notes for artists and fans

Apple's high profile keynote and product revelations might be over, but we will continue to feel the ripples in the days and even months to come. Especially with an equally high profile product that will be rolling out to the public in the weeks ahead. Apple Music is the company's latest attempt to revolutionize the digital music industry yet again and reclaim that crown that it had let others like Spotify have grabbed from it. And it is doing so by trying to give music a home.

Spotify and its kin make music streaming services personal by offering curated playlists or automating personal preferences. Apple Music, on the other hand, is focusing on the interaction between artists and listeners. In a way, it will be like Facebook for music, where artists can post not just their music but also their activities and listeners can follow and like them.

But more than just that interaction, Apple is poising Apple Music as a home that can nurture and support artists, both big and small. This is a slight jab at Spotify, who has been repeatedly criticized and accused of not giving artists their financial due. Apple isn't exactly revealing its monetization scheme for artists, but it does advertise that indies and even those just starting up can have a chance to get their art heard on Apple Music.

On the other hand, listeners will be treated to round the clock tunes from Apple Music's radio stations, starting with Beats One. This 24/7 serving of music will be delivered worldwide and hosted by DJs from LA, New York, and London to make sure all timezones are covered. So wherever you are, whatever you're doing

Apple Music launches on June 30 for $9.99 a month, comparable to other streaming services, with a Family Plan option of $14.99 a month. Surprisingly, Apple won't be keeping it to itself and will be making it available for other platforms like PCs and even Android. Be sure to check out our Apple Music coverage for more details.