Apple motion seeks to renew bid to ban some Samsung products in US

Shane McGlaun - Dec 27, 2013, 7:17am CST
Apple motion seeks to renew bid to ban some Samsung products in US

Apple filed a motion this week that seeks to renew the tech giants attempt to win a sales ban on certain Samsung products in the US. Apple wants to stop the sales of certain Samsung products in the US that were found to infringe on Apple patents for utility and design. These patents were at the heart of the Apple vs. Samsung trial back in 2012.

In November of this year, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ordered Judge Lucy Koh to look at the case again as far as how it pertains to the three utility patents at its heart. Those patents have to do with rubber-banding, tap-to-zoom, and pinch-to-zoom UI functions. The appeals court did reaffirm the denial of an injunction against the Samsung products on the basis of design patents.

Apple filed a motion to renew its bid to have the violating Samsung products banned as soon as the verdict was handed down. The products that the sales ban has to do with have been on the market for almost two years and are no longer big money makers for Samsung.

One of the patents at the core of this case, called the Apple ‘915 patent, covering pinch-to-zoom has had doubt cast on its validity. A Patent and Trademark Office examiner found the claims of the patent invalid in November. As a result, Apple field a notice of appeal with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board this week in response. Apple wants the court to renew the sales injunction proceedings as soon as January 30.

SOURCE: Apple Insider

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