Apple MobileMe to go free?

Chris Davies - May 10, 2010
Apple MobileMe to go free?

Pinch of salt time, but MadDailyNews are reporting on an unconfirmed tip that Apple are considering making their MobileMe cloud-based synchronisation and backup service subscription-free.  Currently priced at $99 per year, according to the unnamed source Apple’s timescale is “sooner than later… [and] depends on certain facilities going operational.”

What those “facilities” are, exactly, isn’t specified.  If the rumor pans out to be true, it could be that Apple are looking to promote inter-device synchronisation for those users with one or more iPads, iPhones and iPod touch units.  Within the last few days, Apple have been tipped to offer a similar style of joined-up content management for media playback, leveraging their Lala acquisition under a new iTunes Live product.

[via Gear Diary]

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