Apple might be creating exclusive video content for Apple Music artists

In a new report from Pitchfork, the music site says that Apple is creating its own music videos for top artists on its new Apple Music service, serving as a way to offer further exclusivity to subscribers. The report specifically mentions exclusive music videos from Pharrell, Eminem, and Drake, whose new video for "Energy" was shared exclusively on Apple Connect on Friday. Seeing as how both Drake and Pharrell both have their own radio shows on Beats 1, in-house videos could be a way for Apple Music to strengthen its partnerships with top artists.Pitchfork writes that an Apple production team were also responsible for creating the videos for Eminem's "Phenomenal" and Pharrell's "Freedom," both of which are exclusive to Apple Music as well. Also, the next in-house content is scheduled for release today, July 13th, in the form of a short film for M.I.A.'s track called "Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than a Border."

It's interesting that Pitchfork is the source of the this news, as the outlet is an Apple Music Curation Partner. Apparently when they contacted Apple Music head of content Larry Jackson about the story, he responded with a tweet that simply said "Oh ok" β€” a dig at Spotify CEO Daniel Elk, who tweeted those same words when Apple's streaming music service was announced at WWDC in June β€” along with hashtags for "Content," "Culture," and "Curation."

Should the information about Apple producing music video in-house be correct, it adds to an already growing list of exclusives for Apple Music. Pharrell's single "Freedom" debuted on the launch of Apple Music on June 30th, along with a Beats 1 exclusive interview with Eminem. It was also announced that Dr. Dre, acclaimed rap star and co-founder of the Apple-owned Beats Music, would also host his own radio show, and his influential album The Chronic would be available for streaming for the very first time ever on Apple Music.

SOURCE Pitchfork