Apple May Buy Path, That Social App You Don't Use

If there's one thing Apple currently lacks, it's a good social layer to their various offerings. Perhaps to satiate our need to be digitally social, Apple is reportedly close to purchasing the nearly four-year-old Path. Insiders say the deal may already be done, too.

According to Pando Daily, one well-placed source on Apple's Engineering squad says "It's almost done, if not signed already, but it's essentially a done deal." So why is Apple interested in Path, if they indeed are? In a way, they're kindred.

Path struggles to find users, but that's obviously not why they and Apple are so similar. If anything positive can be said of Path, it's with their design. They've been widely lauded as a heavy-hitter when it comes to UI and experience, something Apple covets in their own right.

Further evidence of this comes with news that Dave Morin — current Path CEO and former Apple employee — was spotted sitting front and center at Apple's iPhone 6/Apple Watch event yesterday. That's a spot typically reserved for top brass and partners, not the CEO if a hit-and-miss social platform Apple has no involvement in.

Apple snapping up Path is also said to be more than an acquihire to get folks like Morin back in the fold. Pando's source says Path will survive the acquisition whole, and be cobbled (somehow, maybe lightly) into Apple's revamped Messaging app.

It seems a likely acquisition, and it will be interesting to see how Apple works Path into their fold. Path is good, but suffers the same "ghost town" moniker that haunts other social platforms like Google+. But hey, at least it will probably work out better than Apple's previous social experiment, right?


Source: Pando Daily