Apple Maps has two new partners for showing hotel reviews

There are good reasons we like Google Maps when compared to Apple Maps. One of those reasons is Google Maps' ability to provide us more info than what we'd find with a paper map, which Apple Maps largely fails to do. If you're a dedicated Apple Maps user, there's good news. You'll now see hotel ratings via Apple Maps, provided courtesy of Trip Advisor and Prior to these two new partners, Yelp was Apple Maps' only ratings info provider.

It's not known what criteria Apple has for including reviews from sources, but it doesn't appear to be pulling all reviews for a hotel from all sources. The reviews from Trip Advisor and seem to be populating sparsely right now.

Apple lacks Google's deep knowledge and homegrown review services, so Apple Maps is in dire need of solid partnerships to keep up. We've seen a job listing suggesting Apple is considering creation of such a 'crowdsourced info' angle for Apple Maps, but we've not yet seen that come to fruition.

In addition to new partnerships, Apple is reportedly looking to get better info on our surroundings, and have unleashed a series of vans equipped with what seems like mapping hardware. Those vans are reportedly being used to provide stronger map info for users.

The hotel ratings are around, but don't be shocked if you don't see them. There doesn't yet seem to be rhyme or reason for what listings are seen where, or for which hotels.

Source: Mac Rumors