Apple Macintosh Portable prototype sneaks onto ebay

An ebay listing for a prototype of Apple original Macintosh Portable has been spotted, with the rare unit yet to see a single bid. Marked as a demonstration machine, the unit has at least one obvious difference from the 1989 commercial version, with its trackball shifted to the left of the keyboard.

According to the auction, the prototype comes with the original soft-shell case, a system-update disc, power adapter and some internal Apple documentation. Unfortunately, since the Macintosh Portable won't turn on without a working battery, the dead lead acid battery means the machine won't actually work, though it's believed to be in functioning order.

Bidding in this post-holiday atmosphere is scarce, however, and the $1,750 opening price is understandably putting people off. With four days of the auction to go at time of writing, it remains to be seen if anybody bites this early Apple.

[via 9to5Mac]