Apple MacBook trackpad driver for Vista & XP released; still flaky?

Apple have released a new driver for the multitouch trackpad on the late-2008 MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The software attempts to address the poor responsiveness and general performance experienced when running Windows XP and Vista via Boot Camp, where users found dragging and clicking to be erratic. However initial reports suggest that while the update has addressed some aspects of the problem, it has shifted problems onto other areas of Windows functionality.

According to Ars Technica, while the issue where dragging objects would suddenly drop out mid-way through the process has been fixed, single- and right-clicking has now become unstable. Their MacBook has now begun to misinterpret single finger control as other types of input:

"After using two fingers to right click, single clicking again somewhere else with our thumb sometimes registers as another right click. Other times, after using two fingers to scroll and then lifting off the trackpad, a single finger to mouse around will register as a two-finger scroll or a right click"

Apple has previously had to update the new MacBooks to address problems with clicking experienced in OS X.  We're interested to hear about your experiences with this latest Windows update; it's available to download here.

[via Ars]