Apple MacBook Mini dual-folding netbook concept

Apple keep insisting on disappointing us with the news that they won't be making a netbook, but that doesn't stop the industrial designers and Photoshop-addicts coming up with their own take on what such an ultraportable might look like.  Famed designer Isamu Sanada is responsible for these renders, which suggest a double-hinge design reminiscent of the Sony VAIO P's dimensions, with a dual-sided touchpad area.

The three-paned design would fold up into a long, thin casing, but open up to give a surprisingly large palmrest area.  That would give plenty of space for a big multitouch trackpad, underneath a well-sized keyboard.  According to Sanada's description, it would allow for a full-sized keyboard, 10-inch LED-backlit display and 128GB SSD, all in something just 28 x 13.8 x 1.68cm.

Of course, actually putting something like this concept into production would result in a machine likely more expensive than the VAIO P, which is already pushing most peoples' limits for what they'd spend on a netbook-style device.  So, don't expect to see this in your nearest Apple store anytime soon.

[via TechEBlog]