Apple MacBook in red plastic coming to Best Buy?

With Apple's old white MacBook still on sale as the "budget" option, the assumption has been that it's the end of the line for the plastic-shelled versions.  However a new Best Buy SKU listing has led to suggestions that Apple is planning a last-ditch alternative color for the laptop: records for an "INTEL - Apple sku red", with an image of the white plastic MacBook and the $999.99 price tag, have appeared.

A Google search also turns up yellow and blue versions of the listing, no longer on the Best Buy site, but the two sku numbers in those cases now match the two new aluminum MacBooks.  Best Buy already have a record for the white 13-inch last-gen MacBook, with a different sku to the "red" version.

There's also a new "INTEL – Apple sku purple" at $2,799 with an image of the old-design MacBook Pro.  However that listing is presumably for the 17-inch model, staying on sale while Apple transfer the new aluminum & glass design of the 15-inch MacBook Pro to a larger version.

Of course, with Apple's insistence on secrecy this could just be a leftover from the MacBook model juggle.  However it could also be a (RED) themed charity version of the old design

[via Notebook Italia]