Apple MacBook Air to Sell 700,000 Units in Fourth Quarter 2010, Analyst Predicts

On Wednesday, Apple's Steve Jobs stood on stage and, as he usually does, said that he had one more thing to announce after the event supposedly ended. This time around, after unveiling plenty of new additions to the software front, Jobs introduced the brand new line-up of MacBook Air. Featuring a 13- and 11-inch model, the new laptops are certainly some of the most attractive pieces of hardware Apple has released to date. And if you find yourself wanting one, or planning on buying one, you're apparently not alone, as an analyst has come forward to predict that Apple will sell 700,000 units by the end of the fourth quarter, 2010.

Mingchi Kuo is the Vice President of Concord Securities Research Department, and he was cited in a recent report from Commercial Times saying that he expects Apple to move 700,000 units of the new, updated version of the MacBook Air. This will, reportedly, amount in 17% of Mac shipments for the quarter. As for the most popular of the two models, Mingchi Kuo predicts that the 11.6-inch model will be the model of choice for consumers. If you're interested in checking out the 11.6-inch MacBook Air, you can take a look at our recent review and unboxing of the laptop, right here. And, we've embedded the unboxing video below, just for your viewing pleasure.

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[via DigiTimes]