Apple Mac mini 1TB upgrade: not easy but possible

The new Mac mini is all well and good, but anybody hoping for gobfuls of extra capacity will come away disappointed.  Apple's entry-level mini gets 120GB of storage, and it costs $175 to take that up the official 320GB maximum.  Happily iFixit decided to step in and take matters into their own hands, with a nine-page pictorial guide to fitting your Mac mini with 1TB of storage.

The reason it's nine pages is because switching out the drives isn't just a case of unplugging and replugging SATA cables.  Just opening the mini up takes a couple of steps, then you have to remove the optical drive, solder in a new power connector and squeeze in two 500GB HDDs.

To make it a little easier, iFixit are offering a DIY kit which comes with two drives and most of the tools you'll need (you'll need your own soldering iron, solder and electrical tape).  It's priced at $249.95.