Apple Logo with Steve Jobs face in it called into question

It's not like the logo was called in to the police station for questioning, no, instead what's happening now in the week after the passing of the legendary entrepreneur designer inventor Steve Jobs is an argument over who created the now omnipotent "face in apple" logo that you've almost certainly seen since it went viral in the past few days. The dispute over who originally created the logo, or more specifically who came up with the concept for the logo, has been quietly, and I emphasize quitely, raging between several graphic design-minded parties.

There's one fellow by the name of Chris Thornley, aka Raid71, who claims that he conceptualized and executed the logo back in May of 2011. There's another fellow by the name of Farzin Adeli who says that he conceptualized and executed the logo in the hours after Jobs's passing was announced formally. Then there's a third designer in the mix, Jonathan Mak Long, who got credit for the logo from Rueters the morning after the announcement about the passing of Jobs.

Now you'd think that these three designers would be punching each-others lights out for the rights to claim their creation of, and therefor ownership of, the mark. As it turns out, they're all pretty calm about the matter, each of them acknowledging the idea that it's very likely each of them came to the idea on their own without having seen the other's original design.

The black on white logo with the "Make Your Mark" tagline below it is claimed by Chris Thornley, aka Raid71, who is selling prints of the design with all profits going to Royal Manchesters Cancer Charity.

The white on black logo with Steve's face looking slightly more downward than the other logo is claimed by Jonathan Mak Long, who has, as you can see above, been exonerated by Thornley, whom both parties acknowledge made his logo earlier.

The third logo, one that looks rather similar to the Mak logo, has been claimed by Farzin Adeli who, claiming he created the logo on the afternoon of the day (October 5th) that Jobs passed, is also looking to raise money for a charitable cause via his eBay page, this time for Pancreatic Cancer.

Thornley and Adeli's charity sales of the image can be found via the links on their names. Meanwhile we've yet to hear from the estate of Steve Jobs, a group that we're pretty sure might have a stake in all of this when it comes down to it.