Apple 'Let's Rock' Event Live Blog Reminder: 10am PST, September 9th

The rumors are almost at an end and the speculation reaching fever pitch - it can only mean one thing, Apple's Fall event in San Francisco.  The SlashGear team is getting ready to Live Blog the whole presentation, and we'll be bringing you updated coverage throughout the morning if you can't join use for the live report.

"Let's Rock" kicks off at 10am Pacific time - that's 12pm Central, 1pm Eastern and 6pm London – and you'll be able to find the Live Blog at the usual place:

The assumption is that Apple will be announcing its updated iPods, including a fresh nano 4G and a reworked touch 2G.  Changes to the nano are rumored to be an altered form-factor – returning to the 2G model's long'n'thin casing – with a display better suited to widescreen content.

As for the iPod touch 2G, speculation suggests that it'll borrow the iPhone 3G's new case design and possibly even borrow its GPS.  More capacity for both PMPs is almost a given.

iTunes 8.0 is the third major rumor, with the possibility of a new subscription-based plan similar to that offered by Napster.  That's been long tipped, however, so we're remaining appropriately sceptical.  The only way to know for sure is to turn up at 10am PST tomorrow, so join us at and find out live!