Apple iTV pushed back as IGZO panels unready for shipment

It appears that both Samsung and LG are both keeping their panels to themselves this season as the Smart TV market fires up and Apple sets its sights on IGZO. Sources are speaking to the tune of Sharp being the next on the list for Apple to be looking to for Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide displays for their upcoming iTV production line. Meanwhile the competition in LG and Samsung, who've both provided parts to Apple in the past, are tipped to be holding back in this case to keep their HD Smart TVs strong in and of themselves.

When you plan on creating a revolution in the market, it essentially does not matter who you are, even Apple has to work with 3rd party companies to create their devices. LG and Samsung are set up quite nicely in this case to produce their own panels for the Smart TV revolution, both of them already well into the market with such things as HDTV and 3DTV. What Apple has been tipped to be waiting for then is Sharp's IGZO panels specifically as the Japan-base group readies their production lines for a much greater production rate.

At the moment, Sharp's 8G lines are able to produce all sorts of panels including 32-inch, 46-inch, and 55-inch sizes. On the other hand, IGZO panels are not ready to be produced at the rate Apple would need them. Apple's iTV would build on the Apple TV market, but would become a whole new segment if analysts are correct. Will you be amongst the millions of already-ready television watchers to jump in o the next Apple market?

[via DigiTimes]