Apple is spending $430 billion more on 5G and silicon: Here's why

On the heels of its Spring Forward event that took place last week, Apple has announced that it will be committing $430 billion in US investments over the next five years. While these investments will support the engineering of its own in-house silicon and the build out of 5G, Apple also says that it will add 20,000 jobs across the country in the same time period as well. Today, the company listed a number of states where it will focus its efforts.

In its announcement today, Apple said that its $430 billion in investments will include "direct spend with American suppliers, data center investments, capital expenditures in the US, and other domestic spend — including dozens of Apple TV+ productions across 20 states, creating thousands of jobs and supporting the creative industry."

One state that will get a lot of attention from Apple is North Carolina, where Apple plans to spend $1 billion in opening a new campus (which you can see in concept art above) and an engineering hub in the state's Research Triangle area in the Raleigh-Durham region. Apple also says that it will "establish a $100 million fund to support schools and community initiatives in the greater Raleigh-Durham area and across the state," in addition to contributing $110 million in infrastructure spending across the state.

The company then detailed its plans for several states, saying that it will grow its teams in San Diego, Culver City, Boulder, Boston, and Seattle in addition to building a new campus in Austin (where construction is already underway) and a new data center in Waukee, Iowa. Back in 2018, Apple said that it would add 20,000 jobs in the US by 2023, and while the company saying that it's on track to meet that goal today, it should be noted that today's announcement of 20,000 jobs over the next five years are in addition to the 20,000 it committed to in 2018.

Apple's plans also include partnering with other companies through its Advanced Manufacturing Fund. Some of the partnerships Apple detailed today include investments with XPO Logistics in Indiana, Corning in Kentucky, II-VI in Texas, and silicon engineering and 5G investments in California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Texas, Vermont, and Washington.

That last bit about silicon engineering is important, because these days, Apple is rolling with its own in-house CPUs in a number of devices like the MacBook, Mac mini, and now the iMac, and we expect that to expand more in the future too. So, these investments in silicon engineering will probably mean big things for Apple in the long run. You can read more about Apple's investment plans over on the company's website.