Apple iPhone glowing logo video demo

One of the slightly less useful – but undeniably cool – elements predicted for the upcoming iPhone third-generation refresh is a glowing Apple logo.  Apple's design team may be disappointed to hear, though, that they're not the first to do such a thing; in fact, a group of Russian modders spent around $300 last year making the logo on a first-gen iPhone glow.Video demo after the cut

According to them, the glowing logo had no impact on battery life, which is probably more due to the radio, bright LCD and media playback sucking the power dry before the mod had even got past a few watts.  As far as we know, there's no iPhone 3G glowing logo out there, but if you spot on, drop us a line.

Now this isn't perhaps as impressive as the LCD Apple logo display mod – which turned the Apple on a MacBook lid into a second screen – but it's still impressive.  Thinking about it, how about a secondary OLED screen on the back of the next-gen iPhone in the shape of the Apple logo; ideal for status messages.  Excuse me while I go patent that idea...

[via MAKE]