Apple iPhone Dock inspires amateur art

After perusing press releases for any particular length of time your eyes grow jaded to the photoshopped, texture-mapped beauty of concept images. No matter how perfectly rendered, they all look that little bit false and "too good" to be real. So it's a curious sort of Zen achieved by Gizmodo's latest snippet of iPhone information; a tipster sent an official photo of Apple's dock for the cellphone, and unsheathed his mighty pencil (electronic, of course) and mocked up a litigation-safe version of just what it'll look like.

Needless to say, it won't look like this. The real thing, aside from being three-dimensional and in colour, will have straight edges rather than something you'd need a tetanus shot after touching.

The cute little hole is, it's theorised, for recharging a Bluetooth headset, or maybe for the single leg of a particularly narrow heron. The front section of the dock is cut away to give access to the "home" button.

I'm reluctant to call these "artist impressions" because that might tempt Brian to make some more.

Leaked: The Apple iPhone Dock [Gizmodo]