Apple iPhone 4 Gaming Extension Concept

Remember those Sony XPERIA Play commercials awhile back? The ones that made the iPhone's touchscreen seem like a miserable game playing experience? Well, here's a concept that could change that, or at least appease the gaming thumbs of dissatisfied iPhone 4 owners.

The concept is designed by Alan Li, who imagines a type of extension accessory that slides together both forming a protective case and turning the iPhone 4 into a portable gaming device. The sleek design upholds Apple's aesthetic while adding a joypad, four-button game control, and external speakers.

The accessory if it ever becomes a reality will surely make gaming thumbs happy. But, Apple would certainly have to work out some deal with Sony to get any quality console-like games that would require full-on game controls. I don't see that happening.

[via Yanko Design]