Apple iPad USB Cable the Second to Melt

It's been eight days since we reported that a defective USB cable, which connected to the iPhone 4, got so hot that it actually caught on fire, and managed to burn the owner. While the general assumption was that these USB cables couldn't produce enough power to do such a thing, hence the defective part, we're now faced with a second incident. But, the truth is, we're still chalking this up to a random fluke, rather than an impending epidemic.

An iPad customer who calls himself Forge was asleep one night, and then suddenly awoke to the smell of burning plastic. When he found the source, he saw that the USB connector was melting, and it was so hot that when he tried to disconnect it, he actually dropped his iPad on the deck. Sure, this is isn't particularly good news, but it's not that big of a deal, either. Well, it is for the owner of the iPad, but not for the masses of owners out there. Remember, there's millions of these things running around out there, so if we hear about a few random cases here and there, we're all still pretty safe.

[via CrunchGear]