Apple iPad Torn Apart by FCC

Normally, when we get a hold of some images released by the FCC, they're these black and white "outlines" of what we should expect to see when the product officially hits the shelves. They're just fine for the normal phone or laptop, but apparently someone at the FCC thought that the iPad, Apple's tablet, deserved better. So, instead, the dismantled piece of gadgetry got live color shots of the whole thing.

Unfortunately, all the important pieces got covered up. Although, considering the iPad launches tomorrow, we're pretty sure that we won't have to wait long before someone out there goes a bit crazy, and tears apart their own iPad (or two). When that happens, we'll definitely know for sure the full details of what's powering the tablet along (not that we don't already have a pretty good idea right now).

If you're one of the people out there that's just crazy enough to take apart your iPad, let us know in the comments. We'd love to hear from you, especially after you get that shiny case off the back of the tablet. And, we do have to comment on the fact that, as shiny as the iPad is on the outside, it's almost ridiculous that Apple managed to make the inside just as shiny. It's like they're tying to get us addicted.

[via Engadget]