Apple iPad rumor roundup: photos, pricing & developer support

With the countdown well underway to Wednesday's Apple iPad tablet event – which SlashGear will be liveblogging – it only seems right to look at the latest bunch of rumors.  Shiniest are these new supposedly-leaked images of the iPad in the wild; designer Dustin Curtis reckons a friend of his sent them to him with no further information.  Meanwhile a Germany retailer prematurely tweeted its thoughts on the iPad pricing, for both carrier-subsidized and contract-free models. Updated after the cut.

We reckon Curtis' "leaks" are fake, if only because he's a reasonably well known designer and has already shown his skills in previous mock-ups (though not, admittedly, of the iPad).  Still, it gives the surging crowd something to discuss, and anything that occupies the time between now and 10am PST tomorrow has to be a good thing.

As for the pricing leak, according to German retailer Media Markt the Apple iPad will land on T-Mobile come March 1st.  They reckon the touchscreen wonder will cost €499 ($703) if you buy it with a data contract or a whopping €899 ($1,266) if you don't want to commit to that.  Now those dollar prices are direct currency exchanges, which never really work out going from European to US prices, but even so – that's an expensive machine.

Update: Turns out, the Twitter account in question didn't belong to Media Markt at the time [via TechCrunch]

Finally, despite the tablet being – at this point – all smoke, mirrors and rumor, that hasn't stopped companies from jumping on board and attempting to pre-emptively coax developers into the fold.  Appcelerator surveyed its registered developers and discovered 90-percent intend to develop for the iPad tablet, despite the fact we don't even know if it exists yet.

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