Apple iOS 6 Beta download links go live

For those of you out there with a taste for Beta-testing and a heart for developing, Apple has released the first wide-release version of iOS 6 to the public. This version is available to anyone with an Apple developer account and is available now at Apple's developer site, but will not be ready for prime-time for at least a few more weeks. This version of Apple's mobile operating system will work on most Apple mobile products but will not function on the oldest versions of the iPod touch or the original iPad.

This update to iOS 6 comes with a host of updates to the software which has been implemented widely on the most popular smartphones and tablets in the world, those being the iPhone and the iPad. This version of iOS brings Siri to the iPad, brings on heavy Facebook integration for applications galore, and has a very early version of Apple's own Maps application. To see the full extent of what this version of iOS will bring, see our iOS 6 portal and see the whole presentation as given at WWDC 2012 this week.

For the rest of you, head on over to Apple's iOS Dev Center and grab yourself a seat, some popcorn, and a healthy web connection to download the heck out of iOS 6. This version is, again, a Beta release, so certainly one should not expect that it will be perfect at the moment. You'll want to report any bugs to Apple as you find them, and if you're not a Developer of Apple apps, you might just want to skip the Beta entirely.

Let us know how it goes for you!