Apple In Mobile Chip Technology Licence Rumor

Industry analysts are claiming that Apple has signed a major deal with Imagination Technology, which could see PowerVR graphics and video IP products feature in upcoming mobile devices. While the Imagination press release does not mention Apple by name, the fact that Apple are believed to have previously licenced their fourth-generation PowerVR chipset for the iPhone and iPod Touch has led to the assumption that they are the "international electronics systems company" referred to.

"As a result of this new agreement, it is expected that Imagination's IP cores will feature in a number of new SoCs to be used in this company's future products. Under the terms of the above licensing arrangement, Imagination will receive on-going licence fees as well as royalty revenues on SoCs incorporating Imagination's IP" Imagination Technology statement

Imagination specialise in graphics, video and display accelerators, together with multi-threaded processors and multi-standard receiver technologies. Their particular expertise in mobile devices has led to speculation that Apple plan more ultraportable computing bridging the gap between the iPhone and the current MacBook range.

Apple recently acquired chip manufacturer P.A. Semi, with the presumption being that they intend to develop their own specialized platforms. This would be in contrast with Apple's mainstream desktop and notebook line, which shifted from a more unique architecture to Intel-based components.

[via Macworld]