Apple HomePod repairs are very expensive, thankfully cable replacements aren't

Now that Apple's new HomePod smart speaker is finally available for purchase, details are coming out on the price of out-of-warranty repairs. If you haven't heard yet, they're very expensive: dropping or cosmetic damages not covered by the hardware warranty can cost $279. Fortunately, there's a separate, specific type of repair that can be done for much less.

It turns out that "in some instances" if the HomePod's non-removable cable gets damaged or becomes disconnected, Apple will repair it at a cost to the customer of just $29. This is much more reassuring to hear for owners of the $349 device. Seeing as how the speaker is designed to sit on a table or shelf, damage from dropping should realistically be rare; but instances where someone maybe trips on the cord, or it gets severed in some way, could be more common.

An internal memo sent to Apple stores and authorized service providers instructs employees to diagnose damage to any HomePods, making sure any issues with the non-removable cable aren't due to user-inflicted damaged or the result of tampering. Cable repairs aren't covered by the AppleCare+ warranty, which why customers will need to pay the $29 fee.

The memo notes that damaged or detached cables are only expected in "rare instances." But as of now this is the only other repair option that Apple is offering for the HomePod, with all other problems either being covered by the warranty for replacement, or falling under the $279 out-of-warranty fee.

SOURCE 9to5Mac