"Apple has it feet firmly planted in the post-PC future" touts Tim Cook

Tim Cook had the stage first at today's Apple (iPad 3) event speaking at first about the a "post PC revolution." He spoke about how "Apple is at the forefront, leading this revolution," how "the PC is no longer the center of your digital world" and how even though most companies would be "thrilled to have just one of these devices" while of course "at Apple we're fortunate to have all three" – three being the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad.

Showing off how impressive their latest store, the New York City Grand Central Station store, has been and continues to be. With 74% of Apple's revenues set in the three products listed above, Cook's words "Apple has it feet firmly planted in the post-PC future" never rang truer. Numbers such as 172 million devices sold, with 62 million sold just this past quarter show Apple to be a company with so much invested in this world of mobile that it's easy to forget that they still work with desktop computers as well.

Then there's Siri, an application integrated into the basic fiber of the newest iPhone device, the iPhone 4S, Cook noting that in addition to Japan getting this service starting today, they'll be getting the newest version of the Apple mobile operating system today as well, iOS 5.1. We can expect similar upgrade numbers across the USA and Europe soon, though with which upgraded bits we cannot know at the present – we've already got Siri, after all.

Cook of course also went through the 25 billion downloads mark that the iOS App Store went through this past week, noting that

"This is a mind-boggling number we couldn't have even imagined when we launched the App Store." – Cook

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