Apple, Google, Uber join tech giants in refusing to create Muslim registry for Trump

Apple, Google, and Uber went on record on Friday stating that they would have no part in building or contributing to a "Muslim registry" that was proposed by President-elect Donald Trump during his election campaign. Buzzfeed received statements from spokespeople for all three tech giants, each iterating that they were against the idea of, and would in no way participate in creating such a registry for the Trump Administration.

"We think people should be treated the same no matter how they worship, what they look like, who they love. We haven't been asked and we would oppose such an effort," an Apple rep told Buzzfeed. On the same day, Google released a similar statement saying, "In relation to the hypothetical of whether we would ever help build a 'muslim registry' – we haven't been asked, of course we wouldn't do this and we are glad – from all that we've read – that the proposal doesn't seem to be on the table."

Uber's response was far less wordy, simply consisting of a "No" when similarly asked about a Muslim registry. While these three companies are some of the most high-profile to do so, they join thousands of employees and a growing number of tech giants in refusing to build such a database, including Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and the founder of blogging tool WordPress.

It's important to note that the suggested Muslim registry has yet to become an official policy for the Trump Administration. As many of the companies noted, they haven't been asked to participate, suggesting the idea has been shelved since Trump won the election. During his campaign, he suggested the creation of a Muslim Americans registry with the help of tech companies, in order to track these people and fight what he called "radical Islamic" terrorism.

SOURCE Buzzfeed