Apple gets 5G license to test its wireless tech for future iPhones

Though 5G is still years away, companies are already preparing for the faster technology, and Apple is no exception. The company was recently granted a license by the Federal Communications Commission that allows it to test its wireless technology with 5G broadband using both the 28GHz and 39Ghz bands. The testing can be done in two different locations in California.

According to the application Apple submitted with the FCC, this testing will 'provide engineering data relevant to the operation of devices on wireless carriers' future 5G networks.' When Apple will begin testing its wireless technology for 5G networks isn't clear, however. The FCC recently approved the application.

The approval covers testing in two places near Apple's Milpitas, California offices; the application doesn't shed any additional light on Apple's plans, however. Many companies are preparing for millimeter wave broadband, which will offer faster speeds and lower latency while better handling the growing demand for large amounts of high-speed data.

It'll take another handful of years before we see any significant progress in the realm of 5G, though some carriers have expressed ambitious plans to roll out their own 5G networks by 2020. Back in May, for example, T-Mobile announced that it will be launching its nationwide 5G network in 2020 with development of that network beginning in 2019.

We've also seen some instances of companies trying to capitalize on the excitement surrounding 5G, something AT&T did recently wth its '5G Evolution.' Despite what it sounds like, 5G Evolution isn't actually 5G and the technology it is based on isn't new. Depending on where you live, though, you may have access to LTE-U, which represents a nice speed boost for those with supported handsets.