Apple fires iPhone X engineer over viral pre-release hands-on video

It appears that an Apple engineer has lost his job after letting his daughter record a hands-on video of the iPhone X and sharing it on YouTube. Last week, aspiring vlogger Brooke Amelia Peterson published a video that was filmed on the Apple campus, highlighting her father's iPhone X. As the device had yet to be officially released, it understandably went viral, and now Apple has reportedly fired the employee for violating non-disclosure agreement policies.Peterson's video was short and simple, showing Apple Pay in action on the iPhone X and demonstrating the smartphone's new interface and gestures. Apple subsequently asked for the video to be removed, which Peterson complied with, but not before it was picked up by the media and reposted to YouTube.

In a new video update, Peterson regretfully shares that her father was fired because of the original clip. While Apple has yet to officially comment on the issue, the engineer broke company rules that prohibit filming on campus and revealing unreleased hardware. The iPhone X that was shown was an employee model that had sensitive information on it, including employee-only QR codes, product codenames, and unreleased software like a Text Edit app.

Peterson states that she and her father have no anger towards Apple and understand the company's decision. The engineer is said to have worked for Apple for around four years, helping build the iPhone RF and wireless circuit design.

SOURCE Brooke Amelia Peterson