Apple Final Cut Pro X marketing campaign looks to win back video editors

Craig Lloyd - Mar 28, 2013
Apple Final Cut Pro X marketing campaign looks to win back video editors

When Apple unveiled Final Cut Pro X back in 2011, the response was less than stellar. Many video editors hated the new layout, and they blasted Apple for turning the professional-grade video editing software into basically a version of iMovie on steroids. However, the company is looking to win their hearts back with a new marketing campaign.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Apple is launching a new marketing campaign that is intended to try and win back some of the professional users who have abandoned Final Cut Pro X, and either went back to Final Cut Pro 7 or switched to a different video editing software entirely. The campaign will also be aimed at getting skeptical users on board with the new video editor.

Apple handled the criticism to Final Cut Pro X with great aplomb, giving users who bought the software a refund if they didn’t like it, and providing new users with free trials before they had to decide whether or not to buy. Many users have noted that Apple dumbed down the video editing software in order to cater towards larger audiences.

Apple will be posting confessional-type stories on its website, two of which will feature Tsui Hark, one of the biggest names in Hong Kong cinema, and TV Azteca, who produces thousands of telenovela episodes each year. It’s not said when exactly the campaign will go live, but it should be fairly soon.

[via Los Angeles Times]

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