Apple fights hard for domain

Apple is determined to get the domain, after the company filed a claim for the inactive domain with the World Intellectual Property Organization for the second time in two months. While the iPad 3 only existed in everyone's mind prior to the unveiling of the new iPad [see our full review here], it's clear that Apple recognizes that some people still call it the third iPad to differentiate it from the others, prompting them to move toward trying to seize

Global Access in Isle of Man is the company that has had the domain since January 2010, and has been known to squat on domains with the goal of later selling them. Previous disputes involving trademarked domain names that Global Access registered ended in losses to companies like Allstate, AOL and MasterCard. Since Apple obviously owns the trademark rights to the iPad name, this dispute should settle similarly to others against Global Access.

Nobody knows exactly what Apple wants to do with the domain, but it's reasonable to expect it to be directed to the iPad page on the official Apple website. The company has been previously successful in acquiring domains like and, both of which direct to Apple's site.

[via Computer World]