Apple eyes entry to automotive and medical device markets

Shane McGlaun - Feb 17, 2014, 4:23am CST
Apple eyes entry to automotive and medical device markets

Sales of smartphones and tablets around the world are starting to slow. They are still vastly outselling computers, but growth won’t be as strong in the smartphone and tablet market as it is now forever. Apple is getting ready for the time when the smartphone and tablet market can’t deliver the kind of growth it enjoys now by looking to branch out into new areas.

Apple is reportedly looking at entering into the automotive and medical device market. Apple has been working on automotive tech for a long time with things like Siri Eyes Free. Sources are claiming that Apple has met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in the past. The meeting is said to have happened in Cupertino last spring.

That meeting generated some scuttlebutt that Apple might purchase Tesla. Apple is also tipped to be investigating entry to the medical device market with sensors. Reports surfaced recently that the iWatch may have tech that can predict a heart attack.

The tech listens to the sound that blood makes as it flows through arteries. Exactly how that tech works is not specified. Apple has offered no comments on its efforts for medical devices or automobiles at this time. It certainly has the cash to make major purchases even if Apple buying a carmaker sounds farfetched. A tie up to put more tech inside the Tesla vehicles is easier to believe.


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