Apple event tipped for March 16: Here's what could be inside

The next Apple event was tipped to take place approximately one month from now, on March 16, 2021. At this event, we'll likely see the next iPad, the next iPad Mini, AirTags, and an expansion of what Apple Card will be able to accomplish.* This latest lineup tip suggests that the most extravagant device will be the iPad, modifying previously most-recent rumors that suggested that the most powerful device in the lineup will be the iPad Pro.

Given recent tips of Apple's next-generation battery add-ons for MagSafe, it seems more likely than ever that we'll see AirTags with direct connectivity to the iPhone and its very circular magnetic backside accessory connection system. Make sure you're aware of the risks before you jump in on this particular magnetic system, mind you.

It does not currently appear that the new iPad or the new iPad Mini will work with the same MagSafe system as included with the iPhone 12. Here's hoping that early leaks on this particular feature are false – we'd love to see that MagSafe action on as many mobile devices as possible. More magnets mean more magnetic goodies!

*It's unlikely that Apple Card will allow cryptocurrency in and of itself, but recent updates to connected cards this past week made Bitcoin conversion possible with Apple Wallet – we'll get there eventually! That's all about BitPay and the card therein, rather than Apple Card. We'll still be crossing our fingers for cryptocurrency integration with Apple Card at this event anyway – crossing them so hard!

The same source that delivered the most recent rumor lineup also noted that the iPhone 13 would roll with AMOLED across the board. This same source ALSO suggested that Apple is currently testing Apple Micro LED tech for AR glasses.