Apple event on September 15th: What to expect

Apple may toss a wrench into expectations for their next big event. Where before this week it was expected that Apple would soon reveal the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, rumors today suggest that we'll see an iPad and an Apple Watch instead. Could this be a major upset for iPhone fans looking to upgrade to a new model this Fall, or is this just a sign that Apple's switching up their game just a little bit?

Devices expected

A new iPad Air revealed at this September event would be just what the doctor ordered. This device was rumored a few times earlier this year, complete with a package that'd entice the masses stuck at home on quarantine leading into this, our 2020 winter of discontent.

Apple Watch Series 5 out of stock, hints at incoming 6

An iPad Air refresh is expected to roll with an under-display fingerprint scanner – Touch ID – or a Touch ID sensor built in to the device's home button. It's expected that this device will have a sizable 10.8-inch display and the ability to interact with an Apple Pencil.

A new Apple Watch will almost certainly appear, given the tagline for the event: Time Flies. This version of the Apple Watch will likely include some new wristband options, sensors for the betterment of the wearer for health through exercise, and... new watch faces for the heck of it.

It's likely we'll see some focus on the future of augmented reality at this event. It'll be interesting how this will work, given that past augmented reality features on Apple devices were largely relegated to devices with 3D sensors on their fronts and/or backs.

It could be that Apple's simply preparing audiences for the eventual October event in which they'll reveal the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, complete with the hardware needed to take their aspirations with augmented reality to the next level.