Apple Event live : We're at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park!

Today we're prepped and ready for the big Apple Event here at Apple Park, the company's new campus. This event takes place at the Steve Jobs Theater, and is the first public event ever held at this location. Below we've arranged a selection of photos from the event, separated by location on the map of the campus provided by Apple Maps.

The first location we saw was the Apple Park Visitor Center. This location is nearer the Apple Park spaceship building than the Steve Jobs Theater and is made largely of glass. Much of each of the structures on this campus is made of glass, actually. It's quite extraordinary to see – especially after we've been covering the creation of the site since before Apple had the rights to build – years ago!

Above is the Visitor Center, and below is a gallery of photos taken around and near the center. Here begins our journey toward the big Apple Event in which we'll quite likely see the next generation in iPhone devices – and other devices and software too.

Above: near the Apple Park Visitor Center (green dot on map below). Below: between the Apple Park Visitor Center and the Apple Park main campus building (orange dot on map below).

The map below shows three spots – green represents the Apple Park Visitor Center. Orange shows the next general area in which the photographs in the next gallery were taken. The final spot is the Steve Jobs Theater, marked here in red.

Several photos below show the grand scale at which this campus building is built. It's mega-massive, and an awe-inspiring site to behold. Today we won't likely be going inside this spaceship-like ring, unfortunately. Instead we're going in to the equally-beautiful Steve Jobs Theater.

The Steve Jobs Theater entrance is what you're seeing here, mostly. The site is mostly underground. Thanks to a floorplan from the City of Cupertino, we've got a view of what the scale of this center really is. Under the hovering disk is a set of stairs that leads down into the belly of this beast.

Below you'll see a view near the Steve Jobs Theater. From above, this structure looks like a flying saucer. From the ground... it also looks like a flying saucer. And it's a big deceiving, the way the entrance is made – it's only really a roof for the long presentation room below.

Another way down is through one of two rotating glass elevators. These elevators open in one direction and exit another, turning to face the correct direction depending on the floor. Under the stairs rests a hidden exhibit space which we'll see once the main presentation is over.

As the event progresses, we'll upload more photos to the gallery below. For now have a peek at the magnificence of this structure and keep in mind that it's only a fraction of the size of the larger ring building nearby! We'll also have all the news and hands-on action today in our Apple Hub!

NOTE: All Photos by our own Chris Davies!