Apple Drops Two New iPhone 4S Commercials

If you own an iPhone 4S already, then you already know how 'smart' Siri really is. Actually, voice recognition on the 4S is all these ads promote. But for those of you still skeptical towards the whole 'Virtual Assistant' bit, these two commercials are for you.

The first is my favorite of the two. Titled "Rock God", this clip is aimed towards you musicians out there. Sometimes it's hard to know what commands Siri will properly respond to. But here you'll notice Siri can look up music notations. Oddly, I tried asking Siri how to play a few of the songs in the commercial but they weren't recognized. When asking "How do I play a B minor 9th" it ended up working fine.

The second, labeled "Road Trip", depicts a couple traveling across the US using Siri to guide them from place to place. It seems I'm learning something new from every commercial featuring Siri, because now i know it can look up constellation via Wolfram Alpha. Doesn't that make you wonder what other commands Siri is capable of? Sure you can Google them, but it would be great if they were all featured on Apple's official site.

[via CultofMac]