Apple drops - and raises - values in latest trade-in shake up

If you're sitting on some Apple products you don't use anymore, then you might like to know that Apple has tweaked the trade-in values of a rather large swathe of devices. The devices that have seen their prices change include everything from iMacs and iPad Pros to MacBooks and even some models of iPhone. While you might expect that Apple has reduced trade-in prices across the board, trade-in values are actually going up in some cases.

That doesn't mean all of the devices have seen their prices rise, but a few have. The folks over at MacRumors spotted these trade-in changes, noting that the the trade-in value of the standard iPad has decreased by $15 to bring it to $235. The MacBook Air has taken quite the hit, as its value has dropped $70, bringing it down to $530.

Unsurprisingly, the discontinued MacBook has dropped $40 to a new value of $340, while the iMac Pro – which was also recently discontinued – has dropped $100. While that seems like a big drop, the iMac Pro still has a trade-in value of $2,940, but losing that $100 still stings a bit considering how much these iMac Pros used to cost. It's joined by the standard iMac, which has dropped $130 to $1,050, while the Mac mini has gone down to $770 – a $60 drop from where it once was.

What about the devices that are going up in value? The iPad Pro leads the charge, adding $45 to its trade-in value for a new price of $580. Interestingly enough, aside from the iPad Pro, it's all iPhones that are getting trade-in bumps today. The iPhone 11 Pro Max and 11 Pro now have a value of $515 (up $15) and $465 (up $5) respectively, while the standard iPhone 11 has seen a $20 price hike to get it to $380. Even the aging iPhone 6S Plus has seen its price rise a whole $5, giving it a new trade-in value of $65.

One has to wonder if there's some reason behind these price changes – perhaps Apple is dropping trade-in values in anticipation of new device launches? – or if this is just the result of a periodic review of the company's trade-in values. In any case, you can find Apple's new trade-in offers on its website today.