Apple iMac Pro discontinued, but you still have a chance to buy one

The iMac Pro launched back in 2017 has been discontinued, though you still have a chance to grab one of the base configuration units from the Apple Store. The change comes days after rumors that Apple will soon introduce new iMacs featuring its own silicon, underscoring the likelihood that Apple will phase out the iMac Pro line in favor of a tighter iMac lineup.

The 27-inch Retina 5K iMac Pro is now listed on Apple's online store as available 'while supplies last,' a change first spied by 9to5Mac. You won't be able to order a customized unit, but you can still grab the base configuration for $4,999 USD with a monthly payment plan option.

This change comes only a few days after a report from Apple Insider claimed via unnamed sources that Apple has stopped production on a couple of its iMac models. The change is likely a move made to thin out the current lineup, making way for the anticipated iMac models featuring Apple's own hardware.

We probably won't see new iMac Pro models launch, with Apple expected to instead offer a unified iMac line with various performance options for customers of varying needs. Given that production on some iMac models has reportedly stopped, it is likely we'll be seeing the new iMac models very soon.

Whether the launch will happen around Apple's 2021 WWDC event remains unclear, but a number of leaks claim the new iMacs will feature some big design changes, most notably thinner bezels and a boxier design reminiscent of the latest iPhone's move away from rounded design elements.