Apple Developer Center back up as system overhaul nears completion

Apple took its developer portal down over a week ago after a security expert discovered vulnerabilities in the system that allowed it to be breached in various ways. Despite Apple stating that personal information was encrypted, preventing it from being stolen, the system was still taken down and given a complete overhaul, which is nearing completion.

A couple days ago, Apple issued a status update in the form of a lengthy statement, detailing its plan of action and what members could expect. Along with the statement was the addition of a status page, which shows the current state of its system overhaul. At the time, only three of the 3 of the 15 tasks were complete, a number that is now resting at 7.

Apple's plans included first getting Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, Apple Developer Forums, Bug Reporter, pre-release develop libraries, and videos up. According to the status update pages, the developer forums, pre-release documentation, and videos are still pending, but the dev centers are back up with a green light.

The remaining services still awaiting the green light include the Xcode Automatic Configuration, Member Center, App Store Resource Center, Program Enrollment and Renewals, and Technical Support, in addition to the videos, documentation, and forums mentioned above. Visually, nothing much looks different, but the behinds-the-scenes elements are promised to have been given an overhaul.

Said Apple in a new statement: "We appreciate your patience as we work to bring our developer services back online. Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, software downloads, and other developer services are now available. If you would like to know the availability of a particular system, visit our status page ... Thank you for bearing with us while we bring these important systems back online. We will continue to update you on our progress."

SOURCE: 9to5Mac