Apple delays turn-by-turn navigation in Australia

Apple Maps isn't exactly known for its quality, having garnered so many user complaints that Apple CEO Tim Cook offered a written apology. Now it seems the lagging service has developed another limp, with Apple electing to delay turn-by-turn navigation for Australian users. Originally, the country was set to get the feature this month.

According to Apple's website, Australian users won't get the turn-by-turn navigation feature until an unspecified date in November. Presently, the feature is available in 52 other countries, including fairly obscure locations. Back when it was first released in Australia, Apple Maps fubared quite a few landmarks and locations with incorrect placement and wrong names.

The original feature, Directions, which differs from turn-by-turn, had the peculiar habit of sending drivers towards bodies of water and the sides of buildings, and other places cars should not venture. This same issue is now marring turn-by-turn, with users (outside of Australia) reporting that it often gives the wrong instructions. Overall, things still aren't looking up for Apple Maps.

This comes after a source claimed that Scott Forstall's upcoming departure from Apple is due, primarily, to his refusal to sign an apology letter about the travesty that is Apple Maps. Forstall, who already has his share of enemies inside of Apple, insisted that the criticism regarding the service could be dealt with without an apology, according to the source. Ultimately CEO Cook ended up signing the apology, which states: "We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers."

[via SMH]