Apple debuts AirPods ads highlighting Siri and pairing

Adam Westlake - Jan 15, 2017, 2:30 pm CDT
Apple debuts AirPods ads highlighting Siri and pairing

You’ll still be hard-pressed to find Apple‘s new AirPods in stores anywhere, ever after the holidays, but Cupertino has taken to rolling out a new series of television commercials for the wireless headphones, highlighting and promoting their key features. The ads, which began appearing on TV this weekend, feature the dancer Lil Buck using the AirPods as he walks down the street, making use of Siri and pairing them with an iPhone 7.

In the first clip, titled “Pairing,” Lil Buck takes out the AirPods charging case to show off the headphone’s coolest trick: they instantly pair with the iPhone as he opens the lid. The dancer then goes on to do what he does best, even dancing on walls and the side of a car, leading into Apple’s “Practically Magic” slogan. This video also does a great job of pointing out how resistant AirPods are to gravity, and that they won’t easily fall out, even when you’re walking on walls.

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Next up is the “Siri” ad, which, as you’d guess, focuses on the AirPods integration with the voice assistant. In the clip, Lil Buck double taps on one of the headphones to activate Siri, and then asks her to play Marian Hill’s “Down.” This, of course, leads to more dancing on walls.

Another clip titled “Notes” uses the AirPods as notes on a music staff, ending with a quick shot of the charging case and an iPhone 7. While all the commercials seem to promote using the headphones with the latest model of Apple’s smartphone, they are compatible with the iPhone 5 and up, as long as the device is running iOS 10.

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