Apple co-designing 3rd party boxes to match its style

Apple's minimalistic approach to its packaging is legendary, but that light hand on styling may end up a requirement if accessories want to join Apple Store shelves. The Cupertino firm's spartan approach has already inspired many third-party accessory makers, but new leaks suggest Apple has gone so far as to work with those manufacturers over the past six months to bring their box art in line with official products, thus making the stores more harmonious.

Apple Store employees have been notified that a new wave of products are coming in soon, 9 to 5 Mac reports, though what's inside the boxes won't be changing.

Instead, it's claimed, Apple has been working alongside firms including Tech21, Sena, Incase, Mophie, Logitech, and Life Proof to make their packaging look more like that of the MacBook and iPhone.

Tweaks include new photography and simpler fonts, it's said, while the boxes are expected to be made of higher-quality materials. More useful to consumers, though, is talk of "more consistent compatibility labeling" that should make figuring out which accessory works with which device – including which version each owner has – a little easier.

Apple's approach to product consistency has at times earned the company the reputation of being draconian, but the control-freak attitude has paid dividends at the cash register. Apple Store sales are some of the highest in the industry, despite broader industry trends to online retail.

More changes in bricks & mortar locations are expected, too, and Apple is believed to be reducing the number of non-consistent devices it stocks on shelves, likely to be a motivator to third-party manufacturers to bring box-art in line.

SOURCE 9to5Mac