Apple CEO Tim Cook talks business and Macs of the future

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 7, 2014
Apple CEO Tim Cook talks business and Macs of the future

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal today, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked extensively on a variety of topics, ranging from business in general to product specifics. Among them he touched on the future of the Mac, saying Apple hasn’t given up on it yet despite the downturned PC market.

Talk centered around business and, further on, emerging markets, eventually settling nicely on a question about previously mentioned new product categories the company will be rolling out this yes. Specifically, Cook was asked if these product ambitions include improvements to its existing products, something to which the CEO answered in the affirmative.

Says Cook, Apple is sticking to doing “a few things and doing them great,” rather than spreading itself thin across many things and risking sub-par quality as a result. He says “great improvements” to existing products can help the company grow, and that “we haven’t exactly hit a ceiling with products like the iPhone.”

He went on to speak about the Mac specifically, saying Apple hasn’t yet given up on it. “A lot of people are throwing in the towel right now on the PC. We’re still spending an enormous amount on really great talent and people on the Macs of the future. And we have some really cool things coming out there. Because we believe as people walk away from the PC, it becomes clear that the Mac is what you want if you want a PC.”

VIA: MacRumors
SOURCE: Wall Street Journal

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