Apple buys Redmatica startup for Music boost

News from Italy today has Apple purchasing music app developer Redmatica, with intentions being to push additional next-level power to their own Logic Pro and GarageBand. This Italian group of developers has been picked up by Apple according to the blog Fanpage where they've taken a peek at communications regulator AGCOM and turned up some proof that the purchase was made. This is not the first (and certainly isn't the last) company Apple will be picking up on their continuing path toward total dominance of the computing world, especially considering Tim Cook's talk last night at D10 and his continuing support of working with developers and forward-thinking companies.

This purchase very possibly has Apple interested in Redmatica's several music-making sectors including an app by the name of Keymap Pro. This application is an Apple-supported "advanced sampled instruments editor" and will very much be an asset to Apple as they move forward in the home music maker environment. Apple already has several applications that do very similar things to what Redmatica's Keymap app suite does, but much is to be gained from their developer crew of course.

Have a peek at Redmatica's portfolio and see if you can guess which bits Apple had in mind when they picked up the company this month. Was it KeyMap Pro? Was it AutoSampler or ProManager? Or was is GBSamplerManager? Surely you can tell the different between these, you amateur music maker you. Be sure to check our our review of GarageBand for iOS while you're at it.

[via TechCrunch]