Apple buys iCloud domain according to a rumor

We have been talking about a new cloud offering from Apple for a while now that would have something to do with music playback. We reported last week that the service would allow the iTunes customer to put their music on the cloud, so they can access it from anywhere. Apple might actually beat Google to market with a cloud music offering. A rumor is floating around that Apple is set to buy up a new domain name, and that domain might be the cloud music service.

This rumor has to be true because the domain in question has the "i" Apple is so fond of in it. The domain Apple is coveting is said to be Sounds very Apple doesn't it? The domain has been in use by a company providing a cloud storage service. The company that owned it previously was called Xcerion and the service that the company operated from the domain has now be rebranded to CloudMe. The CloudMe domain was acquired on April 5 apparently.

Gigaom cites a source familiar with the company that claims Apple purchased the iCloud domain for about $4.5 million. There has been no official comment from either Xcerion or Apple on the domain purchase and likely, no comment will be made until the deal is final and Apple launches the new service. It appears that the cloud-based music service will be iCloud, which is fitting.

[via Gigaom]