Apple To Release Cloud Music Service Ahead of Google

Remember those rumors about Google's imminent cloud music service? Well, we're still not certain when they'll be able to work through their licensing issues and get their service off the ground, but we do have word from Reuters now that Apple will be beating them to the punch. According to their sources, Apple has completed work on their own cloud music service and is set to launch ahead of Google.

Apple's cloud music service or "music locker" will allow iTunes customers to store and share their music on a remote server so that they can be accessed from anywhere via the internet.

Amazon has already launched their own music locker service called the Cloud Drive but has been faced with some licensing problems. Amazon claimed that new licensing agreements were not necessary because the music stored and streamed from music lockers would be music that was already owned by the user. However, record labels disagreed and threatened with legal action.

Apple and Google will certainly face the same licensing issues. But according to several sources familiar with the plans of both companies, Apple has yet to sign any new licenses for the service. And although its music partners seem ready to secure deals before the service is launched, no one has been informed yet exactly when.

However, what's delaying Google may be more than just licensing agreements. Sources say that the company keeps changing directions with its service. They claim that Google originally wanted to launch an iTunes type of store along with a basic music locker, but have now shifted to exploring a subscription model instead. Hence, they are still mired in talks in licensing agreements by their uncertain music strategy.

At the moment, neither company has responded to Reuters request for comment.

[via Reuters]