Apple Black Friday listing up early: modesty first

Starting well across the ocean this week the folks at Apple have begun teasing their Black Friday listings with simplicity. An Australian teaser page has appeared for what Apple calls their "one-day Apple shopping event" that just so happens to fall the day after Thanksgiving. This day is traditionally called "Black Friday" due to the massive amount of store sales across the United States – and abroad, now, as it were.

This year's Black Friday sales have seen another increase in stores being open far earlier than the midnight mark Thanksgiving night. Apple continues to work with their own tradition on this holiday, working with a variety of sales both on and offline. The same discounts will be given to people in-store that are given to the web, save some unique bits and pieces depending on the unique location.

Apple's full Black Friday listing has not been unveiled as of yet, but given last year's generally modest set of discounts, you can safely assume you'll get no more than $101 off any one product. The largest cut in price worked with the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air which were both $101 off their regular price last year, while devices like the iPod touch worked with $21 off their regular price – simple and small.

Have a peek at SlashGear's Apple hub for more information on the latest goings-on in the Apple universe, and have a peek at the timeline below for more from the most recent set. We're not expecting a whole heck of a lot from Apple through the rest of the year with regard to new products, but there's always room for the updated app collection and the long-awaited Mac Pro!

VIA: Mac Rumors