Apple Battery Charger claims lowest "vampire draw"

Looks like we spoke too soon when we said the new 27-inch LED Cinema Display was Apple's last new product of the morning; they've also slipped out a new Apple Battery Charger, intended for use with battery-powered peripherals like the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.  The Cupertino company reckons their new charger is "optimized" for their own batteries, though of course it'll rejuice any AA-sized NiMH cells you slot in.

In the box is the charger itself and six batteries, with Apple claiming up to a 10-year lifespan for them.  Also making the whole thing a little more earth-friendly is the fact that it apparently has the lowest "vampire draw" (or standby power consumption) of "any similar charger on the market": just 30 milliwatts, in fact.

Of course it also gets the usual white Apple styling, with flip-out AC prongs from a removable power plug section.  The Apple Battery Charger is available to order now, priced at $29.