Apple Back-To-School Sale To Start Next Week?

Something very exciting must be in store for Apple fans next week. Rumors have been ripe that Apple is set on delivering a major surprise in celebration of its 10th anniversary since the first Apple Store opened. The operation has been super secretive with mandatory and highly confidential employee meetings and even black-out curtains for stores. But could all this also coincide with a huge back-to-school sale?

Now there are reports that next week could also mark the beginning of Apple's annual back-to-school sale. The timing seems to fall right in line with previous years' promotions. Last year's back-to-school sale was announced on Tuesday, May 25, which gave students and faculty a free 8GB iPod touch with the purchase of a Mac. The year before that, the sale began on May 27.

Rumors so far have suggested that Apple could be readying a launch of their iCloud service or unveiling new NFC-enabled store checkouts. I'd certainly prefer just one big huge discount sale, since most devices including the iPhone still do not support NFC, which makes NFC registers sort of pointless at the moment. But nonetheless, if you're in the market to pick up some Apple products, keep your eyes open for something big next week, and hopefully it's some big savings.

[via Apple Insider]