Apple awarded sliver of sought damages from Samsung

Apple has been awarded damages in the long-running legal spat with Samsung, but only a sliver of the monies it was seeking: $119 million in damages rather than the $2.2 billion it sought (about 5.5-percent). Samsung, for its part, was awarded damages of $158,000 over a patent.

This was a victory for Samsung, even if it was still smacked with a hefty amount in damages. The damages figure, it is being reported, will change slightly next week pending the "fix [of] a glitch" by Apple's lawyers. The final figure is expected to slightly trump $120 million.

This snafu apparently concerns patent '172, which the jury failed to assign damages for and chose to do so on Monday rather than the same-day legal proceeding. The question now remains what comes next: injunctive relief is expected, and given how the issue has run so far, so are additional legal tussles.

According to FOSS Patents, all of Samsung's accused devices were cleared of infringing on Apple's unified search '959 patent, but were all found to infringe the quick links '647 patent. Some devices, meanwhile, were found to infringe the '721 slide to unlock image patent, as well as the '449 patent. No infringements were found for the '414 background synchronization and '239 patents.